ATHLETICS COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Men’s Basketball Kentucky vs. Mount St Mary’s November 22, 2019 Rupp Arena – LEXINGTON, KY. Kentucky Student-Athletes

Kentucky Student-Athletes

#0 Ashton Hagans, Guard

On the team’s mentality during the 18-3 run in the second half… 

“Just stick together. When we went in at halftime and was watching the film, they showed us what we needed to work on. We just went out there and just started talking more and all the guys were talking. The rotation was there and that was just that.” 

On the return of Montgomery and Quickley 

“It was really big for EJ (Montgomery) to be back and do what he did, that was really big and Quickley the same thing, knocking down some big shots. Both of them were rebounding and that is what we are going to need for the team to be at our best. They came in and gave us their all.” 

On the team’s flow in the second half 

“You know, it just gets to the point where everyone is finding their role. So, Cal is just dialing that in, and everyone is finding their role. We are going to be that team. But right now, like I said, just trying to fit in. Everyone just doing what they can do to help this team out on defense.”

#2 Kahlil Whitney, Forward 

On the strides the team made tonight … 

“I feel like we made great strides defensively, just knowing their personnel and trying to stop what they threw at us. Fighting over ball screens, being help-side and talking, I feel like communication is a big key for us and we want to really be special and communicate more, it’s a process and we will get there.” 

On the upside of having nine available players versus seven available players … 

“It was a lot better for us, we weren’t dying out there, it was great, we had great minutes from Quick (Immanuel Quickley) of the bench, he made like three three-pointers. EJ (Montgomery) came off the bench and had some great minutes, made some shots, so were just getting there and getting back together.” 

On the crowd getting fired up in the second half tonight after the teams 12-0 run … 

“I was on the bench and I saw it, I kind of looked up at the jumbotron and I saw you had to make three three’s for the chicken sandwich… but we had no clue, we just had to come out and play.” 

On Coach Calipari’s comments that playing time stems off offensive rebounds … 

“It starts in practice, where we do all of the boxout drills and defensive drills, it’s something we have to get better at, and we will get better at it.” 

On Immanuel Quickley’s boost to the overall play of the team … 

“Immanuel is an electric scorer, he can shoot the ball, he can finish, like I said he played great minutes off the bench and made a lot of three-pointers.” 

#23 EJ Montgomery, Forward

On first game back 

“Just super happy to be back out there. I mean just sitting back watching from the bench was no fun, so I was glad to get on the floor with my guys again. It was the plan to get back on the court tonight, focusing on Friday and getting rehab and treatment and things like that. I missed three games which felt like a long time, so I was just happy to play with my guys and get a win tonight.”

On being a difference maker …

“I don’t know if they really needed me but I’m somewhat of a help. I just try to get it in, play with energy and just help my team win. I just go out there and do what I can, rebound, play defense and just try to be that leader on the floor.”

On offensive rebounding 

“I mean shots are going long. When we crash in the board it’s going over our heads, but we just have to fight for it. But Cal stresses that in practice though, think that every shot is a miss so we can get our rebounds up and just go in there and attack. He told us that people don’t try to get rebounds because it’s easier to just run back down the floor but we’re working on that every day and I can definitely help in that area. I’m quick, I mean quicker than most bigs so I can get around them and go get the board.”

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