3EJ Montgomery, So., F

On being a “monster” … 

“I just want to go out there and compete. We fight every possession and want to get rebounds. I just do the little things that I can be doing.” 

On his improvement …

“I think that I am breaking through my shell. Me and (John Calipari) had a talk and he just wants me to go out there and have fun, and that is what I tried to do out there.” 

On the team getting things going …

“Yes. That is what we have been working on in practice, just trying to get everyone going. Just going out there and having fun and competing.” 

On how hot Immanuel Quickley is 

“Super hot. He has been knocking down a lot of shots and he has been having a lot of fun.” 

On how Immanuel Quickley being hot helps his game …

“Spacing out the floor. They have to go out there and guard Immanuel and that is just going to leave us open as bigs.” 

#0Ashton Hagans, So., G

On hitting a big shot late in the game … 

“You know, it was really big. After the first timeout, we drew up something similar to that. Coach Tony (Barbee) wanted to call another timeout. We wanted to keep it hot, getting to the threes to get us up in the lead.” 

On making the right plays 

“We are becoming better leaders and playing the role that we need because this team could and can get better.”

On experience from last year compared to this year … 

“It helps you out a lot. It just helps you out by being with the same guys as last year. We’re a lot closer, the four guys that came back, and Nick (Richards) added on to the team. We just try to get better at talking on the court and off the court with each other so we can be better. 

On being part of the UK team that earned the 1,000th SEC win in program history … 

“We have to keep on going, it’s a big win against a good team. One thousand? Yeah, let’s just keep it going.”

On John Calipari making him do a shootaround before the game

“I needed the practice, it was just too early. That’s all it was. I’m not really the morning type, so he was on me all week. He wanted me there with some other guys around me while I was there, just talking and getting comfortable.”

#5, Immanuel Quickley, So., G

On his shooting grove 

“It feels a lot like high school. Honestly, it feels a lot like pick-up, feels like I’m back in my gym at home and I’m just shooting every shot and the rim’s like a wide-open ocean right now. That’s all credit to my teammates and coaches. I’m not really sure what’s going on right now, I think we’re just getting more comfortable. You learn your teammates’ tendencies and get better chemistry, things like that. I just love playing at home honestly, the rims at Rupp (Arena) are great, the crowd’s been great. I like playing on the road, too but it’s always good to be home.”

On not letting this game slip away after Alabama’s 15-point comeback …

“It’s really good for us. It just shows that our team can lock in and focus. Like you said, we gave up that 15-point lead, but when it was time to step on the gas, we were on it. Credit to Alabama, they’re a great team but we knew we needed to lock in and get stops if we wanted to bring this one home.”

On sophomore experience …

“I’ve said that multiple times, I’m so glad I came back. Even at the start of the season coming back into my sophomore year, not even basketball-wise, but it’s great because now I really know where all my classes are, I know time management, I know when I need to be places and just simple things like that. I’ve just gotten more comfortable on and off the floor, which is beneficial to me and my teammates. I’m able to look out for everybody.”